Credits and Bug Reporting

Author, Author!

PyDBus3 is based on the PyDBus package mostly written during 2016 and before by Linus Lewandowski, with some documentation by Collabra Ltd. The home page for the early version of PyDbus (occasionally updated) can be found here. At the time of this writing, that version supports Python version 2, but does not support DBus publishing on many popular Linux distributions, named argument positions, argument access via attribute or dictionary, the _setup capability and more.

Nearly all the code written 2017 and later (all the argument translation abilities, the ability reference arguments by name, providing testing and support code for various popular distributions, nearly all the documentation) was written by Harry G. Coin, of Quiet Fountain LLC and maintained by all those listed as providing patches on github and/or who commit changes to PyDbus.

The PyDBus3 team offers a ‘tip of the hat’ to Linus for a very creative Python approach to the DBus.

PyDBus3 is backward compatible with PyDBus.